Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ah-Freak-ya!! 2012

Ok everyone...it's finally happening!! I'm here to tell you about my trip to Ghana, Africa was. 
To be honest....IT WAS AMAZING!! I absolutely loved it! I miss it all the time! The Ghanaian's are amazing people! 

I started posting all sorts of pictures on here then realized my computer had the ability to make a video...so I abandoned that post and created this one. Sorry that it took so long to post this, but I really think this is the better post. 
This video is a summary of my pictures and a few videos, but bare with me it's 10 minutes.
Hope you enjoy it!!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Year 3 at USU done!

Well folks here goes the posting again. 
So here's a little update about what is going on in my life.

To start off with Easter.
The whole family got together!!
I finally got the picture of me with all the grandkids that I've been wanting to!!
 Boston 4, Ryder 18 months, McKell 9, Zach 6 months, Addi 7, Carson 3

Look how cute these two boys are!! 

Ryder and Zach! They are going to be great buds!! 

Look at little Ryder! :)

I love this one of all of them...Wonder what their looking at.
Ok so for the Relief Society birthday party this year we ended up with all these balloons...we didn't know what to do so naturally we thought of tie them to something very manly. So we picked our friend RJ's bike. He LOVES this thing!! We thought we were hilarious...him not so much. He didn't get mad but it wasn't his favorite surprise. But we gave him a cupcake and everything was just fine! 

Now for the week of finals. The saturday before we had a service auction. Everyone wrote a service they were willing to do and then we bid on them with monopoly money. It turned out great!! Everyone had a blast and a few of my friends went in together and got some pretty great stuff. 

One of our purchases was a Western Bonanza! An apartment of boys went all out for it! They were all dressed up in their cowboy get up and had a whole story planned out. 
We decided  that we would go Brooklyn shootout style. 

When we got there they told us there was a stage coach that we needed to rob. When we went out to do it the other boys came up from behind and we had an old fashion shootout. Eventually we were surrounded and they won. They made us get down on the ground and walked us back to the jail. 
Then they gave us a 7lbs can of pork and beans...yum. 
Overall it was a BLAST!! We loved it. 
Here are a few pictures.
This is Collin and Jorrien (AKA Pedro)

This is Patrick....and yes their facial hair is drawn on with mascara.

The 3 cowboys that out did us Brooklyn gals! 

We came to terms eventually and decided we needed to go see the Bishop. We had to wait for his meeting to end so we had another shootout and took some pictures.
Jorrien (and Jorrien's horse Truth), Jenn, Me, Jacklyn, and Collin (and Collin's horse Precious)

Finally Bishop's meeting ended...we got a quick pic and were on our way. 
 SO much fun!! 

Well finals are finally over and I actually did pretty good this semester! 
I leave for Africa real soon so the next step is unpack...then pack pack pack!! 
Can't wait!! 

I'm going to try and keep updates while in Africa, but we'll see what my internet connection is going to be.

Bye for now! 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Break 2012!!

Yes Hello. I'm back! So for spring break this year me 13 of my friends headed to the California coast. My friend Dave was super nice and let us stay at his beach house in Pismo. Pismo Beach is about 2 hours outside of L.A. The weather was great! It was between the high 60s and low 70s. Which doesn't sound like swimsuit beach weather....but compared to what it has been in Logan it was wonderful!!
Friday night we drove down to St. George and stayed in my parents house....which was very nice of them to let us! Thanks Mom and Dad!
Then Saturday we got up early and headed to Cali. It took us about 7 hours to get there. We were caravanning in 3 cars so that made for some funny stories.
Anyway...Saturday night and Sunday day we spent in Moorpark. That is where Dave grew up.
Saturday night we went and did City Walk and the Walk of Fame.
Here is the group at City Walk.
From Left to right, top to bottom:
Dylan, Jake, R.J., Patrick, Jenn, Dave,
Rhett, Katelyn, Phil, Jamie, Jaclyn, Me
Basia, Nils
Ok quick summary of how I am connected to each of them...
Jenn and Jaclyn are my roommates. Jenn met Dave last year and we became friends when I moved in. Katelyn is Dave's girlfriend and Dylan is Dave's roommate. Jamie is Jaclyn's sister and is in our ward. The other boys: Rhett, Jake, R.J., Phil, Patrick, and Nils are all roommates. We call them the Arnell Boys (because that's the name of their apartment) and met them through the ward. Basia is a friend of the Arnell boys.
Pretty great group... yeah?!
This picture was taken on City Walk. Funny HUGE poster that we had to take a picture in front of. Inspite of the weirdness I just think it's a really cute picture.
This is Monday morning at Pismo Beach! We finally made it!! Monday we slept in a little and then went and walked around the cute little town of Pismo. This picture is on one of the piers.
R.J., Patrick, Dave, Jake, Phil,
Katelyn, Jamie, Jaclyn, Jenn, Me, Rhett
Once we were done walking around we ran home and changed into our swimming suits and went to play on the beach. People kept walking past us on the boardwalk and stopping to watch. Everyone else was in pants and sweatshirts....except our group. People thought we were crazy. But it felt great!!
A little beach Volleyball!

The boys were even brave enough to get into the FREEZING water. I would only put my feet in cause the water was in the 40s...SO COLD!!
Here is R.J. and Phil
We then proceeded to bury R.J. into the sand and make him a Merman! He loved it :)
This is how we spent most of our nights in Pismo. There's not much better than hanging out on the beach with a fire and some friends :)

So Tuesday we loaded up all of Dave's Quads and his Razor and headed to some sand dunes. We spent the day playing on these fun toys!
This is the Razor. Jenn was a crazy driver...which made it fun!
This was our camp for the day.
All the girls bought these Spring Break t-shirts. Fun colors!
This is one of my favorite pictures of everyone!

Tuesday night we went to a delicious steak house called F.McLintocks. Its was very fun and a little pricey but yummy!
Jenn and I in the gift shop waiting to be seated.
They had giant stuffed animals...so we had to take pictures by them!
I'm not sure what is going on here....
This waiter walked up to R.J. and said put this cup on your head. He then proceeded to climb on a chair and blindfold himself and poor a pitcher of water into the cup. He did spill a little bit at the end but it was still impressive!
R.J. looks a little scared because when he blindfolded himself we all gasped but R.J. couldn't tell what was going on behind him.
At this restaurant there was a challenge to eat this entire plate of food and then you got a free t-shirt.
If you can't tell how big it is...that is 1 and 1/2 pounds of beef! So much beef!!
Dylan finished the entire plate and Dave came so close! Not going to lie it made me sick just by watching!
Dave's Mom Ann took us to this cool inn called Madonna Inn. In the basement the men's restroom had a waterfall instead of urinals. It was pretty interesting.
On Wednesday we were all a little reluctant to leave so Ann took us to this pier that all these seals come and hang out. It was a great way to say goodbye!
Last group picture! Sad to leave but we had a BLAST!!

I'm Back....

So basically I'm pretty terrible at blogging...sorry. But here is a quick update. A Spring Break blog will be coming soon...

First we had our annual tea! This year we were thrilled to have Meg along! Next year hopefully Erika can join as well!
Well the tea was great as usual! We all had a lot of fun!
Then with Ty and Erika in town we met up at Olympus Hills Bowling! The children seemed to have so much fun! And we did as well!!

Then Mom and Dad were great and bought us tickets to go see Brian Reagan!! Well I'm pretty sure I hadn't laughed that hard in a long time! But Brian Reagan can always get me going!! Needless to say we had a BLAST!!
Then Marlee's brother got us tickets to the Jazz game! The Jazz played the Kings and we won! Woot woot!! Even in spite of all the Jimmer fans out yelling the Jazz fans.
Then a couple weekends ago Ty and Erika were in town and so we went out to Boston's soccer game. Bos-man is a fantastic soccer player! I think he's averaging like 4 goals a game. Go Bos-Man!!
The cousins sure have a lot of fun playing together!!
Ryder is obssessed with balls! It's really cute. He's even kicking as a lefty...
So there is a quick update on my life....other than those fun events I've just been doing school and hanging out with friends. Super fun!


Friday, December 2, 2011

Ok, So I am finally blogging again. I've been trying for a while and it hasn't been allowing me to upload pictures, but it finally did. So here we go.

During the 1st week of October I got to go visit Ty, Erika, Carson, and Baby Zach in Arizona. It was a great time!!
I got lots of time to bond and play with Carson and meet baby Zach and spend time with him too.
We went to a pumpkin patch and had a great time!

Got to decorate a pumpkin with stickers!
This just wore out baby Zach!
And we went on a Tractor ride.
Then the next weekend McKell and Addi were able to come sleepover with me. I've been wanting to show them what me being at College really was and finally the perfect weekend came! We went to dinner with Mom, Kris, and the boys and then we began to play. We played games and went to a campfire a few of my friends were having and I showed them around Campus. They couldn't believe that my school had so many buildings
Here are the girls on the famous A. Don't worry they didn't become True Aggies ;-)
This is a funny statue that they wanted to take a picture with.
We also took some more fall pictures but for some reason they are uploading. So if you want to see those go to my Facebook page. Sorry

Next came Halloween. I'm not huge into Halloween....actually I hate it. I know it will be fun when I have kids and I can dress them up and what not, but right now I think it's pointless. So that being said it may not come to you as a shock when I just decided to go as my roommate, Steph, for our FHE (Family Home Evening) party.
Steph went as our friend Syd. I went as Steph. Syd went as me. It was pretty funny.
Marlee opted for an actual costume...a cat.
Then one day I was talking to my good friend Ally Morgan and she said Hey come to St. George next weekend. So I thought about it for about 5 seconds and said ok i'm in! I grabbed Steph, Mar, and Chey and the next weekend was spent in St. George. We got out of Logan's 30 degree weather and into some high 50's and low 60's....it felt GREAT!!
We did some shopping, some hot tubing, some sleeping, some eating....and that's about it. But it was great!
I don't know how to explain...
That takes us to the next weekend...Thanksgiving. The entire fam headed south once again. And when I say entire I mean it! All of us where there under one roof and we had a TON of fun! There was lots of relaxing, shopping, golfing, eating, and swimming.
On Thanksgiving we had Bruce and Syd and their family over for dinner and we all just hung out for a while. Then for some weird reason Kristy decided she wanted to go Black Friday Shopping. So we teamed up with Syd, Michelle, and Whitney and headed to Walmart. We went to the 10 o'clock toy opening. Man once 10 hit the place went NUTS!!! All of a sudden you heard someone yell, "THEY SAID GO!" And everyone just started throwing things in their carts. Erika looked at me and said, "STAY CLOSE!" Next thing I knew she was grabbing a crock pot yelling at me to get one too. They were only $10.00....so what did i do? I grabbed one of course!
Well after that we went to the 12 o'clock opening at Kohle's which actually was a bit of a let down. But we'll always have Walmart :-)

Then on Friday we took some family photos. Haven't seen them done yet but just knowing our family I'm sure their great!!
Friday night we went up to Tuacahn to help get us in the Christmas mood!
They had tons of lights! Addi wanted to know if we wanted to take pictures of just one of them at a time....as she posed next to a tree. hahaha oh Addi
They had this funny board that we hogged for a while. Pretty cute kids if you ask me!

Then the kids got to sit on Santa's lap. Carson and Ryder weren't the biggest fans of him...maybe next year?
Couldn't resist getting a picture with my girls!

Me and Mom! Love it!! Mom made a comment about how we look nothing alike....I don't know I can see a resemblance. Any comments?
And finally my FHE's Christmas party. My calling is a FHE group leader or in other words FHE Mom. I plan a FHE every other week with my partner Togi. This one we did a Christmas party. It turned out pretty fun. I like our group!
Here are the people:
Keith, Togi, Chey, Misty, Tarah
Jake, Marlee, Me
C.J. and Steph
Well overall you can see I live a pretty blessed life!!
Thanks to everyone whose helped make it so much fun!!
Next up is Finals and then I will really get to enjoy my favorite time of the year!

Love ya!